Bulk Prices and Services

Meat prices are sold by the pound.  Each pound provides 3-4 servings.  Bread items are not included.  BBQ sauce is sold separately.
If an item is not listed  that you are interested in, call for availability.
Chafing dish rental: $5 each
Drink dispenser rental: $3 each

Bulk Meat/Entre

Pulled Pork10.50
Sliced Pork Loin10.50
Rope Sausage11.25
Sliced Ham14.25
Pulled Chicken11.25
Marinated Turkey Breast*
Smoked Bologna*
Roast Beef*
Beef Brisket*
Baby Back Ribs*
* Call for pricing


Sweet Tea4.00
Unsweet Tea4.00


Tossed Salad½-$30, full-$60
Sweet-n-Sour Slaw½-$30, full-$60
Creamy Slaw½-$30, full-$60
Cucumber & Onions½-$30, full-$60
Vegetable TraySm- $30, Lg $60
Fruit TraySm- $50, Lg $75
Potato Salad½-$25, full-$50
Baked Potato$1 each
Mashed Potatoes
-with gravy
½-$30, full-$60
$50 $75
Cheesy Mashed Potatoes½-$40, full-$60
Roasted Potatoes½-$30, full-$60
Au Gratin Potatoes½-$40, full-$60
Creek-fried Potatoes½-$50, full-$75
Macaroni & Cheese½-$50, Full-$75
Dressing½-$30, full-$60
Smoked Beans½-$30, full-$60
Green Beans½-$30, full-$60
Baby Carrots½-$30, full-$60
Corn½-$30, full-$60
Pickle spearsSm-$20, Lg-$40
Sliced Onions½-$10, full-$20
Fresh-made Party Mix1/2- $30, full- $50
Mild/Sweet BBQ sauce20-30 servings/bottle
Spicy/Sweet BBQ sauce20-30 servings/bottle
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