Try our succulent slow-smoked Southern BBQ… “naked”!

Sure some folks try to imitate the rich flavors of real slow smoked BBQ by slathering on sauce. That’s why we serve our meats stark raving “naked” with our own sauce on the side.

In 2003, Brett helped smoke meat for different fundraisers and then caught the BBQ “fever”. Not long after he decided to get his own smoker and the madness started! He began reading, researching, and practicing until he found methods he thought were best. When traveling, food seems to be a family highlight, and BBQ joints are always on the list! Lynne grew up on a farm and sold produce at the Farmers’ Market. Since BBQ seems to go hand-in-hand with bringing people together, it seemed to be a good fit for the Farmers’ Market. Serving some BBQ at a Wednesday Market day quickly became a regular event. One day someone asked about catering a wedding so we did, and through word of mouth we have had the privilege to cater over a hundred events. Combined with our careers as a fireman and nurse, and operating a family Bobe’s Pizza in Olney, IL, we stay busy but love it!

We have some wonderful people who come to the Farmers’ Market every Wednesday and stay to enjoy the company of others and the atmosphere. For us, it has also been a way for our family to bond. It is hard work, but several family members are always willing to help and it is an excuse to get together and visit even when things are hectic. BBQ has become a family passion and way of life for us. We also love meeting new people and hope others enjoy what we have to “bring to the table”.

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